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PUGNO ERGO SUM ~ ich kämpfe also bin ich


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2015 AIBA 3 Star, APB/WSB License, USAB Level 3 Official
2014 AIBA 1 Star Coaches Clinic Chattanooga, TN USA
2011 – 2014 USA Boxing Level 2 Official R/J and Coach
1992 – 2003 DOSB A-License Boxing and Official in Bavaria, Hessen and Baden
1997 Heilpraktiker = Naturopathic Practitioner (federal exam) and Sport -Heilpraktiker (hollistic sport medicine)
Certified in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Homoeopathic, Kinesiology a.o., Stuttgart RehaMed
1997 Therapeutic Psychologist certified in Hypnosis, NLP, Mental Coaching, Autosuggestion a.o.
1994 Apprenticeship as Editor and Media Journalist at Text& Bild, Munich
1991 – 1993 Apprenticeship as Bookseller and Antiquarian at Buchhandlung Baier, Bruchsal
1990 – 1991 University Heidelberg – Prehistory and Early History at Ruprecht-Karl-University, Heidelberg
1983 – 1990 Abitur Schönborn Gymnasium, Bruchsal

2011 Present President and Founder of Pugilist Miami Inc., USA
1998 Present Founder, President and Head Coach Pugilist Boxing Gym e.V., Bruchsal
2012 – 2013 Co-Founder and President of sd4i (sports donation for impact) Nicaragua with Olympic Athlete Osmar Bravo
2012 President Pugilist SA de CV, Mexico
1998 – 2000 Principal of Deutsche Paracelsus School, Karlsruhe
1997 – 2011 Office as Naturopathic Practitioner
1994 – 1997 Journalist at Pro7, ARD, VIVA, ZDF

2014 Outstanding Official at the Ringside World Championships, Kansas
2014 Innovation Award from the Baden Sport Association
2011 Stars of Sports by Angela Merkel
2010 Victor Award
1997 Catholic Media Award for Journalists Multiple local ceremonies and awards for successful athletes

ARD Boxen—more than a business
ARD Landesschau Pugilist Bruchsal
ZDF School for Life – Pugilisten in Bruchsal
SWR Chance for Life

German – native language English – speak fluently and read/write with high proficiency French – speak, read and write with medium competence Spanish – speak, read and write with basic competence Italian/Portuguese – speak and read basic Farsi – speak basic

USA Boxing DBV
German Boxing Association


Since over 3o years Bardia Gharib is obsessed with Boxing

The Bomber staring Bud Spencer and Neil Adams Superman vs Muhamad Ali kindled the passion. Since then a lot has happened: starting with private training sessions in his mother´s ballet studio all the way to the biggest boxing gym in the world.

Over 20.000 people had been introduced to the sweet science of boxing and with 3000 members The Pugilist Boxing Gym in Germany made itself a name in Olympic Boxing.

As AIBA 3 Star Coach and having the certification for the ASP and WSB he trains athletes from the scratch to the highest aim: World Champion or Olympian.

The message is clear:
It is way beyond hitting someone. Joyce Carol Oates, Lord Byron, Hemingway, Picasso and Bellows, Bob Dylan and many more wrote, draw and sang about this unique sport and Bardia Gharib connects the physical challenge of the work-out with the mental and intellectual aspects of “the sweet science”.
Bryce Courtenay wrote down Bardia´s life philosphy in „The Power of One“:

Mutual respect and as a result the right to pursue your happiness

Not for anything he fights more than equality, justice and freedom and therefore applies always in the Pugilist Gyms:

… Who comes through that door , is one of us … .a Pugilist


Everyone learns from its experience and builds on a foundation poured in his childhood.
Sometime in this development you will reach the point of responsible decision making and have to bear the consequences-both positive and negative. We will be judged on our actions and not our good intentions.
Son of a Berlinian and a Tehranian … .hmmmm difficult, the Berlin mother is the daughter of a Viennese … .the origin of the grandparents is about: Italy, France, Hungary, Austria, Poland and who knows?
Equally confusing as this genealogy might be his resume , but he insists that life and nature do not work at right angles.
As a middle child of 3 boys, Half-Iranian in a small town in Baden-Wuerttemberg and son of a single ballet teacher, it is extremely difficult not to attract attention. Absolutely not with the name Bardia (a rarity in the 70ies in Germany). Make a virtue of necessity, and attack problems straight ahead was his answer to many questions.
The discipline and etiquette of the Prussian Ballet teacher paired with oriental family values and enthusiasm or simple:
Works like a German engine with the passion of a Persian storyteller (Quote of a Persian friend, multiple Karate World Champion).
Deeply impressed and inspired forever from the “step-grandmother” who spent her life after retirement with educational trips, art and culture, Bardia was always on the go. More than 80 countries he has visited, with backpack and often just by foot and walking through the towns, learning languages and especially: an open mind and view of the world!

Boxing is as pure as life for him:

  • no excuses
  • Getting up when you’re down
  • Try hard if you want to achieve something
  • Be fair, show respect: in the ring as in life, there is no color, race or religion: only good people and bad.


in Bardia´s case: not a 1000 years old oak tree in the same village, BUT therefore for a worldwide network, deeply rooted and connected to the most basic needs and always continue growing

In his case: married to a Portuguese woman and at the moment living in the US —- the journey never ends

Pugilist Boxing Gym Bruchsal

The headquarters in Bruchsal has this year taken the plunge in the AIBA world class ! mainly due to its educational system! It was always crucial to Bardia to be able to offer apprenticeships, college education and FSJ (volunteer social year) to secure the young athletes options and a second pillars for their further lives.

Already 2 World Cup participants 2015 benefited from this approach.

The guest apartment for high-performance athletes from around the world, thanks to his international contacts, is also well booked and the local boxers will benefit immensely from the provided athletic top level.

The social integration projects will be enhanced by developments in the outdoor area: still the motto:

who steps through our door .is one of us…..

Pugilist Miami

The camps run well and currently we receive inquiries from different countries for high performance training camps for Olympic aspirants.

The cooperation with outfitter Greenhill started great and will definitely in 2016 reach a whole new level.

Likewise, we seek more cooperation with partners in the USA, Mexico, Nicaragua and all over the world…


Bardia Gharib: AIBA 3 Star Coach, Holistic Sport Medicine,  Sport Psychologist

Social Integration, prepare for life- setting goals—true to the motto: PUGNO ERGO SUM

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